Sunday, September 04, 2005

old, old lines [34]

velour villanelle vermillion video vanilla vespers volcano
alcove afterglow amber aurora art nouveau amulet ambience
lace leopardskin lava lamp
emerald evening gown entre nous
nectarine negligee necklace navel ring nocturne
theremin tango torch song tiger's eye
incense invisible ink inferno inscription indulgence intertwine intimacy
navel ring nectarine
embrac eiderdown embers
velour villanelle
amethyst adagio
evening gown
navel ring
incense intertwine intimacy indulgence illusion invisible ink instinct inferno

at night, instead of a girlfriend you hold a pillow wet with some loneliness gone cold

pop songs don't make me feel what they made me feel back then
45 RPM radio pop songs made me
the way those pop songs made me feel why can't I feel that way again
I remember records I bought back then
AM radio pop songs made me feel things I'm trying to make you feel again
the way AM radio made me feel
why can't I feel that way again
things I'm afraid I won't feel again

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