Saturday, September 03, 2005

old, old lines [25]

villanelle vanilla vermillion velour violets vespers video votive
above adagio afterglow art nouveau
lace leopardskin locket lavalamp lyric
eiderdown evensong evening gown entre
nous neckline nectarine navelring
theremin thigh highs tiger's eye torch song tango tarot tattoo
invisible ink inscription incense Isaak CD Irish Coffee
nightgown necklace nocturne
e-mail embers enchantment embrace

I hope that's what it was...I imagine I to...did my hand circle the were looking at me across the seminar table...were you daydreaming about me? was it a fantasy sealed in black cellophane?in black cellophane?...I hope so because I have this bed, it floats like a my dream this morning she was lying on the bed I dreamed in years my dream this morning she was lying on the bed in which I dreamed...I only wanted to see myself naked in your dresser mirror...portrait...clipping pictures from Penthouse with his mother's sewing-scissors and placinghe places them in a magnetized photo-album...he jerked his leg away from the cold splotch of desire on his bedsheet...all your t...the reason I love the name []...that magazine often from its pictures of girls omits their faces...I watch you reach for that me your driver's've been to bars know what to do...often that magazine from its photographs of women omits the face...It's very popular...This...dread or next week's work schedule...hours of fluorescent light the light of can I fly from this...I find a pen to copy the schedule on a scrap of paper...

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