Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Cat Drag Inn

Knowing my love of theme restaurants, Jacques Wool recommended the Cat Drag Inn. "If you want an eatery that's all about the cat, then this is the place for you," Jacques said. The Cat Drag Inn is Inn-credible! First, the decor. If you love the black cats featured in Victorian advertisements, then you will love the Inn, since the walls are decorated with black cats selling soap, breakfast foods, and tonics. Amazingly authentic Animatronics kitties sit in recessed areas in the walls, purring and miaou-ing. Sometimes they even hiss! I found that out when I attempted to pet one whose tail was switching. The music played in the restaurant is also tremendous and unbelievable! Among the tunes I heard were a charming version of Leroy Anderson's "Waltzing Cat" and a lively rendition of "Zez" Confrey's "Kitten on the Keys." The Animatronics kitties danced in time to the number. And the employees' uniforms were feline finery! Leopard and leonine leotards galore. The hostess, in a black-cat leotard, brought me to my table near a window where I enjoyed the view of a giant alabaster cat's head sculpture. Soon my waitron arrived and I ordered a cup of Abyssinian Blend coffee and a bowl of foliage. The coffee is marvelous--smooth but with a little bite! Jacques Wool had told me, "When you are at the Cat Drag Inn you must have the foliage! I want you to start living like a human being, man!" The foliage is tender and a great source of chlorophyll. Also, I want to mention that I like to read while I'm eating, and I decided to take a copy of "Rate My Cocoa" by Storch with me to the Inn. The cat's-eye lamp cast down a green glow that was the perfect accompaniment to Storch's verse. If you're looking for a feline-themed restaurant with an encyclopedic menu; if you're looking for out-of-this-world decor and employee uniforms; if you're looking for a pleasant table with green lighting to peruse a volume of Storch's verses, then the Cat Drag Inn may very well be for you! I give it Three Catnip Sprigs!

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