Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jacques Wool Roast, Continued

[from Tom Lisk]

Aldo Latici, C. L. U.:

The only interesting story I have to tell is about how Jacques once confided in me that a fortuneteller told him he was “a new soul.” Jacques found that information or opinion strangely distressing. It seems he had always felt somewhat unreal, and the “new soul” idea seemed to explain and confirm his self-perception. I thought that was kind of interesting.

Rev. Shearon Barber:

Before I ramble on more than I already have about souls, I should say something about our honoree’s worldly abilities. As to Jacques’ inventiveness, as I started to say earlier, the little legs on the mechanical dachshund turned only as a curious attempt at verisimilitude. The axle, wheel and cam were invented for less mimetic purposes. The result was that the dog looked more real when its legs weren’t moving. For me if not for Jacques, that suggests the seamless and orderly beauty of divine design, both in the fluent movements of a natural dog, and in the inventiveness of Jacques’ mind.

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