Sunday, February 01, 2009

Thomas David Lisk Answers "What Is a Snowplow?" and Other Questions

I asked Tom Lisk some questions and here are his answers:

1. What causes laughter? Why is it sometimes accompanied by tears?

Can Willie be tamed? If so, can it? Liquidated Saline. Look around you, boy. Some day, how?

2. In what cities are famous bells?

Ah, the infamous Belts of Alexander are once again confused with the bells in the vicinity of the Library at Alexandria. The samsa beltway is waitless. Some bells are eventually malleable after treatment with LPJM [liquid petroleum jelly tapenade). Suspenders (galluses) are an unnecessary precaution, but can be crossed if not tamed. Brackish is OK to spray on the fire. The papyrus is already dead.

3. What must a student of science consider of prime importance?

Though the obvious answer is silence, the invisible question is what does importance indicate about relatability? I can’t answer that. No, Alphonse, it’s not all about me.

4. What is novel?

Oven opens, oven closes. IOW almost anything. Oval is novel, neither circle nor square. What is the relationship between white space and silence? Choose one: Gertrude Stein, Lenny Bruce, white filling a space that is in fact empty.

5. What is a snowplow?

No, When is a snowplow. What is spatial. When is chronometrical. Ou sont les neiges d’antan? What is horological.

6. Can the will be trained? If so how?

Amtrak carries equitably if you can afford a ticket or have the Philosophers Ride Free Card. The Will seats are near the rear.
Because it’s hard to turn a locomotive, the rear can become the head at an moment’s notice. Let’s say an hour’s notice. Cannot be used with other discounts. Face value: 1 mil.

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