Saturday, February 28, 2009

How can we best elude a crocodile on land?

I asked Tom Lisk some more questions and he gave me some more answers.

7. How can we best elude a crocodile on land?

Crocagator boots and Camelflogflag cargo panths. Sthimulus away from a definitive biographt of Clutch Cargo. We baste virtue all real tea. Many individual crocs are really cayman. As you walk slowly away, try not to waddle like prey, and pray. The maw appears either way you go. I mean the mall.

8. Define sound. At what rate does it travel through the air?

The logic behind this this this this pray---lost control there for a minute (or 4 seconds, but it seemed longer than a moment after it was over and I was back in time.) What was the question? The sound is the water on the land side of an island or peninsula. Is the water on? When Easy Money replaced the Goad Standard, the Going Rate of sound rose to three and then four foot-pounds per second per second at zero percent interest for all the lovers out there listening t o night.

9. Has the ability to commit thought to writing been an important factor in

Spaces, spatula? Advances in our understanding of cuckoos has meant that they no longer seem to need to be kept it cages. The large space now open to them obviates commitment. Please read Machado de Assis, beginning with “The Psychaitrist” and continuing on to the end. Immortality is rickety. Thought is ephemeral, temporal; words are catalysts for figuration. And vice versa.

10. How can people living long distances apart talk to each other?

Which part?

When Lady Bird advocated planting bushes in Texas, we should have seen it coming. A lady, or more plainly, a woman called me the other day. I started to tell her how, long ago and faraway, we used to get nuisance calls—wrong numbers--for some convent, until one time a female voice asked for Father Tim, and I said, “Just a minute, I’ll see if God knows where he is.” I moved the receiver away from my face and shouted, “Hey, JW, is Tim around?” “Tim who?” God said from another direction in my Satchmo voice. “Father Tim,” I said. “No idea,” my faux basso incarnation answered. Into the receiver, in my own (poetic) voice, I said, “Sorry.” The woman’s voice said, “No es caliente,” and hung up. I was stricken with lust for her. Or love. Center or side part, it’s all one to me.

11. Which class of ants is the most intelligent and interesting?

Ah, hymenoptera, and that includes wasps, my people, I mean insects. I’m not making a start on ethnic cleansing. Wasps whap wops, etc. all have exoskeletons tantamount to armor, and they’re busy busy, busy. Bees, of course, invented either the Global Positing System or the argyle sock, and turned yellow into black onomatopoiea.

12. What bird is typical of vainglory? State the reason.

Against the Bird of Paradise, the Yardbirds, Birdalone, birds that “cut the airy way,” and Big Bird, I’d have to say—hummingbird or starling. Can I use one of my lifelines on this one?

13. What is color? Explain the theory of color.

Day 1 beige ground of being. Day 2 white indistinguishable from black. Day 3 white indistinguishable from white. Us. Us imagining not us. Race to simplify subtleties adds only yellow. Beige remains. The seasons subdivide the garment district and make make-up artists make up correlatives. A certain blue looks good on everyone. Everyone looks good in a certain blue. We are iridescent but can’t see iridescence as hue defines it. Theory must be cognate with theologos. No? When ham and pineapple became optional toppings all hell broke loose in the thin-crust thick-crust camps.

14. What is spelling reform? Give some examples of words that may be

Fill in the blang, Mistress Ghoti sez. That May Bee, she’s a card.

15. When is a nation considered civilized?

Though many would say nation came about in the same bubble as civilization, the ersatz boundaries of nationness and its vicious cohort, nationalism create the circumstantiation of nationary which locks borders and impedes the locomotive of progress. She took a nickel from her nation sack and laid it on the Amtrak track.

16. What is animal intelligence? Is it due to instinct or reason?

There is a reason when I ask the cat and he answers using the twelve-tone scale. I don’t know what that reason is but on the other hand I do, despite not calcifying into “know” and “is.” IOW there’s no measurable correlation between knowing and being (or bonging). Let’s just say a cat has an exciting fantasy life but can’t hear a thing you say. As Blake suggested, “how would a cat know if every dish filler and litter scooper is a world of delight closed by his five senses.” {n.b. A fussy grammarian would note that “due to” is a barbarism implying debt instead of simple cause and effect.)

17. Write an essay on yachting and mention the Shamrock III.

You mean “Yottyng” in the old gibber orthotics, the change coming when Sir Padraic O’Nivea sneezed while his amanuensis was taking dictation and asked him to repeat. Sir P couldn’t write or read but he knew the alphabet. Ys dat sew. “Mension” (mention) predates yachting. Shamrock is to rock as shampoo is to (FITB for 2 points)____________

18. Is lumbering an important industry? Is mining? Is fishing?

One lumbers quite a bit but it’s not something one thinks of as requiring industry—tax incentives, free shipping and so on (so Juan).

19. What is a talking doll?

There was no so-called Talking Doll, no Chatty Cathy, no Betsey Wetsey. It’s media conspiracy. See “The Silent Woman” (Oskar and Alma the Doll) somewhere in a past Pleiades, Boulevard walking, is a companion piece to Ted Looby’s weaker prose on the same subject: “She never painted people,” which appeared (I feel) in black and white one night.

20. Do we possess freedom of the will?

When is the passive considered correct? Corridor and Corregador? Possess, freedom, will: faulty parallelism.

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