Sunday, November 06, 2005

Grocery Lists

Check out the grocery lists, including mine, at
Unpleasant Event Schedule.

Here's the announcement from Daniel Nester--

"Dear Unpleasant Event Schedule Lister:

You might recall in the last email installment that Zadie
Smith, the best-selling author, mentions a couple of online literary
magazines in her best-selling novel, On Beauty. Unpleasant Event
Schedule is one of them. Later on in that very same novel, these
literary magazines are said to, among other things, 'publish people's
grocery lists.'

It is fiction, after all, and the mention of UES flatters us
immensely. Nonetheless, we were inspired.

In a case of art imitating life imitating art, we are proud to present
a Special Unpleasant Feature: Grocery Lists.

Unpleasant Event Schedule

We have a Grocery List as artwork by Matt Madden, as well as
text-based Grocery Lists from the following:

Kazim Ali Aaron Belz F.J. Bergmann Tim Botta Marc Peacock Bush
Todd Colby Fred Garber Katherine Gleason Richard Grayson
Arielle Greenberg Ernest Hilbert Jon Leon Timothy Liu Caitlin
Grace McDonnell Carol Novack Dan Rosenberg Douglass Rothschild
Jackie Sheeler Rachel Shukert Robert Siek Tim Suermondt Ben
Tanzer Patrick Walsh Gary Wilson Jonah Winter Joanna Yas

Thanks to all who contributed, and in the words of Jonah Winter,
--gas relief medication (charcoal caplets)
--garbanzo beans (5 cans),


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