Sunday, August 14, 2005

old, old lines [12]

A girl who never wanted to hear about/ my vision, the glass-ashtray-colored light of amber,/ the basement party, the ghastly photo-albums you don't want to touch, funereal,/ my dreams of that basement, can't put them/ in words, no music either, a girl who never/ thought to borrow matches, a girl who never/

A girl who never/ you never drove over late at night/ never let me remove your vintage clothes/ never lay down on my bed/ now/ it's all I imagine now that you wear his engagement ring/ A girl who never drove over/ to me, in her/ night girl/ a girl who never drove over/ to me in her night-girl car/ Night-girl, you never drove over/ to me in your bar-girl car/
a girl who never drove over/ to me in her smoke-filled/ to me in her smoke-stale car/ to me in her night-girl car/ parking/ dark red/ dark red/ burrowed/ bar/ garnish/ car/ marvel/ bar-smoke/ far/ tar/ farmgirl/ garland/ car/ harness/ lar/ charcoal/ marvel/ nar/ par/ marvel car/ far/ rar/ var/ sar/ tar/ barmaid/ war/ bargain/ zar/ bargirl/ barber/ barker/ darkness/ barter/ dar/ garland/ barge/ barm/ barn/ barp/ barst/ bar/ a girl who never drove over/ to me, in her/ k/ r/ a girl who never drove over/ to me, in her/ dark/ night/ A girl who never drove over/ To me in her bar-smoke car/ city/ midnight/ a girl who never drove over/ to me in her/

She never sc/ You never drove over to me/ She doesn't know/ Nocturnal girl, you never drove/ over to me in your latenight car/ to lie on this bed, to let me/ remove your vintage/ clothing, unsunny girl, press shuffle & repeat on/ the CD player, lunar girl...

nocturnal girl, you never drove/ over, in your late-night car/ past a city church,/ you think I'm you think I'm

you don't think darkness that Isee thedarkness
that I have dark that I the>neighborhood that's inside me

let me caress you, lunar girl/ never pressed shuffle & repeat on the CD player/ tonight, my all my my belief

nocturnal cat, you

late at night, nocturne in bedvesper cat

my hands having youwhile I caressed you

park your car on the side of the street/ I want to see you in the doorway/ you never see me at night/ Night girl/ in her nocturnal car of cigarette-smoke/ down Hillsborough St. and/although her life is nocturnal/ parking your car near a Luther tree/

I know what I must resist
if I'm going to

el viento

from the dusty, flood-lit parking lot of the bar/ from college-ville to the/ through suburbs of mist & silver

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