Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lisk/Thompson reading

I went with two friends tonight to the Thomas David Lisk/Jon Thompson reading at NC State, part of the Owen-Walters Reading Series.

The reading took place in Winston Hall, and started at 7:30 pm.
Wilton Barnhardt was master of ceremonies.

John Kessel introduced Tom Lisk, who read his poem "The Spell Against Terror," as well as poems from his book
Aroma Terrapin:"Analogous to Thinking," "Balloons at the Louvre," "Old and New World Sex," "How to Talk to People." He also read "The World's Religions," "Readymade Situation," "These Beautiful Limits," "Now You See How We Live." In addition, Lisk read these three poems published at Free Verse:

"Shenango," "A Catalog of Ponies of the Pyrenees," and "Speech, Speech."

Along with these poems, Lisk read the title poem from Aroma Terrapin.

John Balaban introduced Jon Thompson.
Jon Thompson read poems from his The Book of the Floating World: "Absolution," "Double Exposure," "Black Market," "Empire," "Writing History," "Imperial Palace," "Working," "Marginalia," "Honganji Temple II," and "From the Ship, the Coastline."

Both Tom Lisk and Jon Thompson gave terrific readings, and it was a great evening.

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