Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"The Computer Ate My Vote"

I attended a press conference this morning concerning computerized voting machines. The press conference was held in the Press Room in the NC Legislature building, and was part of a "'Computer Ate My Vote' Day of Action'" taking place today in 19 states.

The importance of creating a "paper trail"--accessible voter-verifiable paper audit trail (AVVPAT)--for each vote was emphasized. It was stated that the efforts to require this "paper trail" were non-partisan. It was suggested that computer workers of various political leanings would most likely have similar doubts about computerized voting.

The bill requiring this verification is "The Voter Confidence and Increased Accesibility Act" (S 1980).

The Verified Voting website is here.

A site that asks "Where's the paper trail for each ballot cast?".

"Vanishing Votes": an article from the Nation about the "Help America Vote Act"(HAVA) and how it "not only blesses" purges of registered voters (such as occured in Florida), but "requires all fifty states to implement a similar search-and-destroy mission against vulnerable voters."

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